1. I remember how well designed Mario Maker is as a game: how it drip feeds new tiles and modes, the pleasant sounds evoking the item, and the level demolition using a rocket launcher.

2. The cats are in the coop and the chickens are in the garden.

2b. We go for a walk around the woods – a walk John and I haven’t done for a month or so. In that time, trees have fallen, mud has dried and the wild garlic has carpeted the beck’s banks.

2c. Just as everyone is getting tired, we find the geocache. No one else can remember finding it before but I hunt through the papers until I spot our names – a list, ending with “and Lily the dog” visited this spot in March 2013.

2d. The constant whoosh of cars along the Ring Road.

3. Our Saturday nights often involve a fair amount of computer related farce but this one is a classic: too small USB keys, incompatibilities, write permission errors, too slow wireless, too short wires, and finally the discovery that the wire we’re using wasn’t spare after all. We laugh.

3b. N-cat has really grown in confidence since we last saw him. He’s no longer the fraidy cat skulking down the corridor and instead sits at our feet and accepts tickles with joy. I prophesise that next time we visit, he’ll be sleeping on O’s face.