1. Our garden is usually very sheltered, particularly near the house, but today the breeze whips around me as I hang out the washing in the sun. Above the chemical scent of the washing powder, I catch more natural aromas – the garlic from the woods, light perfumes from early flowers and the smell of the sunshine – warm skin, warm stone.

1b. Baskets full of warm dry washing.

1c. It’s too hot to read in the sun for too long – when I transfer to the shady step, Blacksy the chicken hops down to investigate my drink. Strange sits nearby in the half shade of the heuchera leaves and Tilda minkles past us all on her way into the woods.

2. I’m busy at the sink so the chicken turns golden brown before I can stir it. The smell – chicken, garlic and cumin – makes me drool.

3. I am rarely succinct but I do like a well placed, standalone “dude.” when the situation calls for it.