1. It rains all day, which puts a decided crimp in my (allotment) plans but makes the cats wonderfully clingy. After I move him from my chair, Kaufman hangs out on my desk all morning. Later, when he and I are stretched out on the bed together, Tilda minkles around the bedroom meowing (the only time all day she leaves her chair in the living room). And later still, Strange has lap hugs while we chat to P: as she kneads the air, her paw pads are bubblegum pink.

2. Now that I don’t have to write all day every day, I enjoy the process so much more. My fingers need a burst of top typing speed exercise like a horse needs to gallop every now and then.

3. I often eat lamb (or lamb mince) curries but wanted something perkier today. The chicken handi is light and fragrant.