1. As we’re chatting, S-dog, who he has been calling, finally appears around the elder tree. She always looks so happy. Kaufman, who has been on my knee on the balcony, sneaks down onto the wood store to keep an eye on her: he watches long after she’s gone.

2. An afternoon at the allotment. The weeds have gone crazy in the sunshine and showers of the last week, and both plots are awash with dandelions again – but I still make some progress. Little bits of work clearing open beds and patches of paths makes the entire plots look less unkempt.

2b. A perfectly proportioned pumpkin plant.

2c. I watch J on the other corner plot erect a frame of neat canes.

3. Strange meows to echo locate us. Later, she’s in a padding mood and stands on me for ages, kneading the blanket between us.