1. Alien lupin buds and ruby cluster flowers that look like cheaply spray painted beads until they start to unfurl.

2. The stick breaks at the perfect time.

2b. The cats watch us in the park – we see four in all, climbing over the walls and up onto the low sloped roof. Their mum clearly loves them – and it’s not hard to see why. At the end, just as we’re about to go, I *almost* get to cuddle one of them but Z’s ferocious sneeze scares it away.

2c. From in the park and on the paths around the back, I spy into the allotment plots. It’s a *much* bigger site than mine – ten times the size at least – so there is a good deal of variety. There is some comfort seeing shabby plots – they make me feel like I’m making decent progress in mine – but I prefer well maintained ones because there are invariably ideas to steal. I spy tree trunk slices for path ways, a herb tower and a homemade greenhouse.

2d. Little J leads Lily to the door.

3. Slow cooked pork. It’s a little dry because we were out longer than we’d thought but the vegetables are soft and succulent enough to compensate.