30 August 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Last week’s Tweets (up to 2009-08-31)

  • and carbon engage in today’s round of the daily tussle: battle over the dregs of cereal milk. #
  • is being told to ‘please make the rain stop’ by a whiny cat. #
  • learns why you shouldn’t remove nail varnish in the semi-dark: i’ve left loads on every nail & because it’s lime green, i look most ill. #
  • gets nervous when @johnleach laughs like that. #
  • loves having normal people as friends – people who can ask if a “data centre” is a real place or “a mythical geek location” :) #
  • is feeling unsatisfied at the moment, not really dissatisfied with anything but unsatisfied in general. it’s been another tough year, sigh. #
  • loves: crunchy toast; cats snoring in uncomfortable positions; and, mysterious tummy rumbles when we can’t work out who is the gurgler. #
  • @strowger78 i think our little girl is the loudest. she does proper barry white meows when she goes in the car too, the boys just whine. :) in reply to strowger78 #
  • put food out for the stray cat but after he’d finished, the wind blew over the dish and now the magpies are having a party in the crumbs. #
  • @strowger78 carla & carbs had to go through a 2 hour journey at rush hour, in a heatwave to get to leeds when we moved. not fun for anyone. #
  • makes a Madonna/pop culture reference. Suspects @johnleach did’t get it. #
  • gets overly excited about a pack of labels. #
  • just had a fucking amazing experience with legal & general’s call centre people. absolutely superb. (not being sarcastic for once either.) #
  • is going to: eat the bestestest chilli ever, have a shower, go to Leeds Ruby Thing then relocate to The Chemic to watch The Gillroyd Parade. #
  • struggled to wake up this morning and is greeted by emails that kinda make her wish she hadn’t. #
  • planned to feed @thattommyhall a delicious farewell lunch. Hangovers mean no one feels like it. Biscuits and coffee will have to suffice. #
  • notices the jerk seasoning marinading on the chicken smells a little like Branston pickle. Hope I didn’t use the wrong jar… #
  • has been helping @thattommyhall move out pre-india. took 4 loads of stuff to the charity shop & kept a load ourselves, inc 27! cans of beans #
  • is tired and covered in cats. #
  • is sat in perfect formation on the sofa: cat (carbon), me, cat (boron), @johnleach, cat (carla). #
  • @IdleSi Valentine’s Day evening. We always go then – it’s deserted. Still doesn’t really make it bearable though. in reply to IdleSi #
  • has spent the day thinking a lot about new houses and old houses. #

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