Can weaving

Cut up ginger beer can (weft) Cut up ginger beer can (warp)
This week’s trip to the Love Apple inspired more weaving. Not flyers this time though, oh no. Ginger beer cans.

I made some warp (the upright bits) and weft (the across bits):

And the results are after the “Read more” oojie.

(Click on the pics for bigger versions)Inside weaved can Weaved ginger beer can 4 Weaved ginger beer can 3 Weaved ginger beer can 2 Weaved ginger beer can 1

I had wanted to use full circles for the weft but it was too difficult to cut it like that in the time I had without ripping my fingers to shreds on jagged metal, so I went for strips instead. Next time though, next time…

Pouring water into weaved can
(The question you’re asking yourself of course is, can it still hold water? The answer is .. not so much. We’re going to use it as a plant pot instead.)


  1. …Hun, you need to get out more!!!

  2. These are very cool, as is your whole site.

    This can weaving is the kind of project that I find myself getting side tracked on, i.e. the great polyfiller shape crafting incident of August 2007, its quite surprising how much time, which “should” be spent on (so called) important tasks, can be put to much better use on this kind of tom foolery.

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