Santas in VeniceI’ve been going through our photo collection recently to select some for uploading to my new photos gallery and it reminded me that John and I have seen some unusual sights (and sounds) during our travels, for example:

  • just going out of shot but half a dozen men with mowers cutting a single piece of grass outside the Kremlin in Moscow.
  • the open air reception outside the Winter Palace in St Petersburg for two bikers who had just got married.
  • a reindeer gondola full of Santa Clauses punting along the Grand Canal in Venice.
  • a door to the other side of the sand in Whitby.
  • we were wandering the park land on Margitsziget (Margrit Island) in Budapest when we heard loud music – some large scale opera tune. We wandered closer to a small building – a cafe-like building but couldn’t see any speakers that could be kicking out that much noise but lo, there was a small curtain at one side of the building. Pulling back the curtain in a Wizard-of-Oz style, we expected to find the speakers but instead we found a full orchestra and choir on a stage rehearsing.