I’d planned to spend all Saturday deep in the world of make, inspired by Do Stuff‘s Lee’s 24 hour #makealong. But since it was a gorgeous sunny day, we ended up going on a lovely walk with Team Slater (around the Chevin in Otley) and had to pick up a new-used swing set from Huddersfield and I didn’t get to start making until 9pm. Still though, I made:

  • A list on the back of an envelope (where all the best lists are made) of all the things I wanted to make ;)
  • Labels for my seedlings – cut out of a plastic bottles
  • A ginger beer starter
  • A sourdough starter
  • About 10cm of a necklace – it is quite elaborate beading so it took me 1.5hrs to do that
  • And I started doing some fun atomic-style embroidery on some boring plain knickers but I didn’t do a very good job so unpicked it straight afterwards.

Still on the list to make this weekend (although I’m not really sure where I’ll find the time):

  • A crochet hook reusing/recycling something
  • A purse
  • Embroider those knickers
  • And finish the necklace

Wish I’d had more time to do more exciting things – next time, next time :)