1. Meeting Boron starting off on his rounds in the garden – we say hello with a blink – and later, when I’m up on the balcony, seeing him finishing his routine loop. We blink again.

2. Transplanting herbs makes my little world (and greenhouse) smell just fantastic (and makes me hungry too).

3. We scratch through the soil in the old container together and Blue (the chicken) is confused why I pass her the tasty bugs instead of eating them myself.

4. A very welcome cup of tea in hand, I watching the bright white clouds move across the blue sky and the pale green leaves of the silver birch swaying in the black glass of the patio table. I remember a comment in a book about colours seeming clearer, truer when reflected in black glass and think that seems about right.

5. Among the rubbery frond of the fern, the soft grass looks and feels like silvery velvet.