0. (From last night, after I posted yesterday’s 3BT) Boron stretched diagonally across my body, purring loudly and utterly blissed out. (He’s had super cuddles every night this week after I’ve got back from the theatre: our little ritual.)

1. We play fetch with Lily’s glove (formerly my scruffy gloves for visiting the chickens in winter). It confuses her when I put it on John’s head – she knows it’s around because she can smell it but for some reason can’t see it. She searches around the whole sofa – sniff sniff sniff – until she finally follows my pointing finger. She removes it from John’s head with such gentleness before running off with glee.

2. There is a stupidly heavy downpour – the heaviest I’ve ever seen it here – just as I should be leaving for the bus. I decide I have time to wait to see if it’ll pass and it does – it’s barely spitting when I finally leave the house a couple of minutes later. Other people aren’t so lucky but it was so ridiculously wet that people have had to laugh about it, especially the dripping wet girls with mascara down their faces. A few minutes later, my bus driver seems to take pleasure splashing through the huge puddles.

3. A funny story from my favourite double act.