1. I get Lily to carry the (free) newspaper in her mouth downstairs to John. With the general move away from newspapers, we’re not losing an excellent firestarting and chicken coop lining material but we’re losing cultural cliches too. Kids of the future won’t understand why sometimes squeaky dog toys come printed with fake mastheads proclaiming them to be ‘the daily bark’ or ‘good boy news’. I’m doing what I can to keep that meme going.

2. The thread arrives for my next two sewing projects. Buying online is a bit of a gamble – the colour onscreen is different from the real life ones – but once again, they’re perfect. Golden yellows, statement pinks and muted blues & greys all together in the zip lock bag.

3. The relief after finally writing something that’s been in my head for a while: relief both that it went as planned and that I can finally move onto the next thing – back to being creative rather than just repeating the idea again and again.