1. I get as much enjoyment seeing other people’s work has turned out well as I do with my own. I have my number plaque and (my first generation of “do it better”) pots have come out well; L’s lightshade is as deliciously burnt as she’d hoped; and G is proud of her oxides. The tutors remark that it is an unusually good batch of glazing – lots of fab pieces.

2. The sky is heavy and mauve. Maybe snow later?

3. I split the yoke into the different sections and add extra chain stitches to start the underpart of the sleeves. The next row is an anxious one but the additions miraculously work out: the pattern follows under the arm holes perfectly and the sleeves will blend in neatly too.

4. Kaufman’s paws dangle over the edge, flailing like a puppeteer as he bats his sister below.