1. I pick him up and tell him to look out of the window at all the birds. He doesn’t though: his head is back, his eyes are closed and he’s purring loudly.

1b. Strange sits next to me at lunch, on her back with her legs stretched out – a position she’s learnt from the dog? Later, when we get in from our walk and she gets in from hers, she and Lily sniff each other and rub faces.

1c. Tilda seems constantly conflicted: between being timid and shy, and craving attention. Her switch between the two states happens with a burst of energy, an excited head shake and a bound.

2. I like the early stage of the redesign process – the bit where I’m playing with fonts and colours in Inkscape, and don’t have to think about how to make it actually work on the site. I try dozens of different combinations before I decide on (what may or may not be) the final one.

2b. I notice there is a fine line between “cute/fun hand sketched font” and “serial killer scratched into something with a knife font”.

3. I’ve been a bit on edge all day so partly as a distraction, we go out to the new local steak place for dinner. The fries are much saltier than I’d ever make them but also light and crisp; the steak is perfectly pink yet seared beautifully; and the brownie for dessert has been sprinkled with just enough bitter cocoa to make it interesting.