1. From the bedroom, I can hear Lily’s excitement: her pop-pops has come to see her! Quick, everyone grab a shoe!

2. Being silly in the woods. Admittedly we do this quite a lot.

2b. “You can have one,” the man with three springers says as the dogs run around us and an slightly overwhelmed Lily. My “ok!” is a little too eager.

3. Scraping settled glaze off the bottom of pots is usually tedious but something about this glaze is nice – it’s heavy and dry, but a little digging and a swish of water and it turns to a smooth cream. It seems to go on quite nicely too – though time will tell on that!

3b. A little tip makes the mitre cutting so much easier.

4. There has been an awful lot of cat cuddling today: Tilda in the morning and after I get out of the shower; Strange on the bed and just before my shower; and Kaufman sits between us on the sofa before bedtime and is constantly poked and stroked, purring with delight at all the attention.