1. I completely rework the design of my blackwork tiles – making everything a little bigger and plainer so it’s easier to sew for this project. I keep a copy of all the iterations though: they’re too nice to lose forever.

2. A warren of tiny studios above the pretty shop. I watch a man paint a landscape, his face calm and open.

3. In some ways it feels like a metaphor for my time there – always at a distance from the chatty group – but I actually quite like being at the end of the corridor by myself. I don’t have to make small talk and take on others’ stress.

3b. All the colours of the floaty scarves: bright but warm.

3c. An unexpected lift home from some lovely people.

3d. Walking along the middle of the quiet road at night.

3e. Lily is happy to see me but even happier that she doesn’t have to go in the car (or even on her lead) to get home.

4. I have a prawn baguette for dinner and it isn’t until I’m eating it thst I realise it’s just what I want too.