1. Kaufman sits with me as I sweep the porch then after a quick trip outside, leaves perfect paw prints on the nice clean tiles.

2. Clay is so often too wet or too dry but today it was just right for my needs. Building was a pleasure – even if I didn’t do anything I intended.

2b. The bottom falls out of a too-hastily constructed bowl so I start to think about using it in different ways. I’m not sure today’s creation will be particularly good but it inspires another idea, which will kill two birds with one stone.

3. It doesn’t take Lily long to realise I have brought a bone home. She sniffs my bag then looks at it longingly while we act out an “it’s ours, not yours” skit. Finally, finally, after a bit of chase, she gets it in her mouth – and she doesn’t let go again until it is half the size.

4. I throw the meat mixture back and forth in my hands until it forms a neat ball.

5. https://twitter.com/johnleach/status/451120598258024449 – though I’d say “maniacally”.