1. I move a pile of bedding that has been stacked on the drawers for ages. We’d stopped seeing it as something to put away but its tall bulkiness had swamped the space. The room is instantly lighter and tidier with it gone.

2. I have my first proper at-home throwing session in the tiny space in the garage that I’m trying to turn into a studio. My main goal at the moment is to become consistent with my cylinders but after I’ve thrown the basic shape, I try modifying them, to test what is possible and teach my hands what to do. I make a fat bellied tureen, flare the rim of one and crimp another, and pull out a beautifully thin wide cone. I won’t keep any of them – I’ll turn their bottoms then reclaim the clay – but each one is improving my skills and giving me ideas.

3. I go down to see the chickens while I’m on the phone to my mum. She repeats their strange sounds back to me.

4. Lily stares longingly at P’s slice of pizza. Even just looking at the back of her head, I can tell by her ears what expression she has on her face.