1. John feels better than he did the night before.

2. We laugh at Strange – falling asleep while sitting up. (She wakes up just before she faceplants.)

3. I stop by the allotment – the rain had kept me away this week – and am pleased to see my anti-slug measures are working: the weather has been perfect for them but my beans and courgettes haven’t been touched.

3b. The goji berry bush looked close to dead when I took over the patch – just one single branch in leaf. But now I’ve given it a bit of space and a bit of encouragement, every branch is green.

3c. We usually walk anticlockwise around the park but today I go in the opposite direction. The vista – Yorkshire stone houses in the foreground, wooded hills beyond – is made even nicer by my favourite combination of dark clouds and sunshine.

4. A handful of chocolates while we watch a film.