1. My afternoon throwing session goes brilliantly. After lots of recent collapses, I go back to basics to start with and am rewarded by a series of lovely pots. Even the chores at the end – reclaiming some old clay for next time – goes well: it’s not overly wet like last time, and slops together into soft, silky lumps.

2. My spinning goes well too: I think I’ve worked out all the mechanical kinks and I spin for an hour without issue. The yellow silk in the mix streaks the dusky pinks with interest.

2b. My treadle leg wobbles under me as I walk back downstairs. I liken it on Twitter to getting off a bike after a long ride but it’s more like those outdoor gym moonwalk things: I stagger around, laughing at the sensation.

3. The autumn sun is low and golden, the path is striped with its glow.