1. Kaufman sits between me and my keyboard and purrs loudly. Then, having grown weary of my affections, he makes his way across the desks to John for Round 2.

2. I stroke M-dog’s velvety ears as R shows me the orange of his squash. (Which isn’t a euphemism.)

2b. The satisfying tear as the short rooted grass peels back off the stones.

2c. I am dogless for once and I am rewarded by a very fluffy, pretty white cat coming to say *blink*.

2d. I start work on recovering another long bed at the allotment, and it is only when I step back that I realise it’s the penultimate one. What seemed like a mammoth task went better than I thought. (That said, there is still the side bed to recover, and the berry bed beyond the greenhouse, and around the bean frame, and I want to make two square beds either side of the pond … but at least I’m nearly there on the long beds.)

3. While I’m cooking dinner, between us, we utter the phrases “there’s no salad, but there’s cake” and “there’s no cheese, well, there’s just three types of cheese”. The source of our flab is not surprisingly.

3b. Another one of those leftover dishes that is almost better than when it was fresh.

3c. Creamy rice pudding.