0. I have a … not terribly nice dream but it’s not a full-on nightmare like I’ve had for the last two nights so yay, progress!

1. Reading the newspaper in the pub in the sunshine while waiting for our burgers to be brought to us.

1b. Fennel seeds in the salad and a smokey-sweet tomato chutney on the side makes up for the fact that there is only a delicious field mushroom on the burger (as opposed to the blend of mushrooms that we usually get).

1c. The big dog’s tail rarely stops wagging.

2. We both smile as Lily lollops around the lawn. Later she finds a mud puddle and makes herself very comfortable in it – which answers the question about whether she should have a dunk in the stream.

2b. Her white shiny fur after a shower. Her paws, which quickly turn grey, are a particular treat.

3. I ruin three pots (by pushing then too far) but I learn lots.

4. The stands ply together beautifully, evening each other out in terms of weight, twist and colour. When the bobbin is full, it looks soft and warm.