1. It’s still snowing (or rather snowing again) when I set out to the studio. The flakes catch in my scarf and hair.

2. The tiles, straight from the still-cooling kiln, are just on the border of being too hot to touch. We sort them out as a group, shaking the heat off our hands between loads.

2b. I use a familiar technique in a new way – using paper strips as a method of applying glaze to create a texture. The first few prints have me squealing.

3. I have to deliver some leaflets advertising Friday’s community meeting. Going around before people come home from work, I leave the first footsteps on their snow covered paths and feel bad: Frosty’s Law states that the homeowner has the right to be the first to disturb the pristine white.

4. We have lamb for dinner. At the last minute, I decide to serve it on a bed of spinach: with a touch of butter, a sprinkle of nutmeg and a drop or two of lemon juice, it’s almost as tasty as the meat. (But not quite, because mmm lamb.)