1. The sun is warm enough that I can hang out washing for the first time this year. The cats rub against my legs.

1b. Later, at the other end of the day, I go outside to fetch it in again. I get distracted from my chore by stars and a passing satellite(the sky is clear and Jupiter is bright) and bats (I’d heard them on Saturday but today is the first sighting of the year). Later, I nip out onto the balcony to watch the ISS pass overhead: it’s almost as bright as Jupiter.

2. I gently toast in the sun as I work at the allotment.

2b. Lily plops into the pond, makes herself a nest in my dug over bed and greatly enjoys some ear tickles when I take a break.

2c. I take one of the patio chairs into the greenhouse to sit down while I pot on the tomatoes. Genius idea. My back screams in gratitude.

3. Tilda pads my bare arm. Her claws scratch in their motion but I don’t stop her.