1. Kaufman sits on my chest for tickles then transfers to John for chin/head scratching.

2. The smell of leather at the bag display.

2b. I don’t have to wait long for the bus, I get a seat and it’s not sweltering.

3. S and O suggest we get take out rather than going around the corner to the restaurant. This marks the start of a very pleasurable, relaxing evening.

3b. O and I order Chinese for one place and John and S order curry from another – but both orders arrive within seconds of each other.

3c. A platter of dishes: O and I have a great selection to work through. John and S note we’re still eating long, long after they’ve finished – and we don’t even get around to the main course. It’s all delicious.

3d. The game is frustrating and drags on a bit but our jokes keep it enjoyable.

3e. Choco bons and Fruitella Crunchies.