A hugely disappointing day: the planning application we’ve been fighting against for eight months was approved, despite being shown to be full of massive flaws. I try to be as positive as I can about my adopted hometown but today, I’m totally onboard with the naysayers who call the Council incompetent.

1. It’s the first time I’ve been in City Hall: it’s as impressive inside as you would expect. The meeting is held in the banqueting hall, which is just gorgeous: stained glass windows, heavy wood panelled walls and a huge inglenook fireplace that looks carved out of lined marble. The thing that catches my attention though is the newly made three-piece textile artwork hanging near my seat. During the break, I sneak a closer look at the different fabrics and stitches used.

2. The lollo rosso lettuce conjures up a specific memory of being at school while the raspberry vinegar dressing reminds me of Scotland, where we bought it this spring.

3. John asks what I’m looking at online. I explain that at that moment, I’m watching a gif of Adam West’s Batman doing the fingers across the eyes dance from Pulp Fiction, “obviously, what else would I be watching?”