1. It’s two years today since we got the cats – Tilda celebrates by going missing for 24 hours. We – me, John, Lily and Strange – go out into the woods to call for her. I don’t know if it helped but Tildy is waiting for us when we get home.

1b. As always, Strange is playful when we’re in the woods together. She hides in some undergrowth to jump out as us as we pass and after a pollen-inspired sneeze, bounces through the long grass in on Wood Hill.

2. A day off. We have fish and chips for lunch.

3. Tilda brings home a little vole and because she’s an inept hunter, it escapes from her and runs behind the armchair in the dining room. John and I try to catch it but Lily, slow old Lily-dog, somehow manages to swoop in and snatch it up in her mouth instead. Then it escapes from her and runs behind the armchair in the living room. Later, when it emerges from its cover, Kaufman catches it – and again, it escapes. This time though, we catch it in an tub. Despite being in the mouths of two cats and one dog, it seems perfectly unharmed and we release it outside. (I have expect Strange to bring it back in later, just to complete its Team Peach interaction bingo card.)