1. I startle a fox as I open the gate to the woodstore. It quickly scurries across the logs, and I watch its fluffy tail disappear.

2. A new pack of Staedtler pencils – and not just the usual HBs. I select a H and enjoy the thin scratches it makes on the paper.

3. Kaufman sits on the stool looking at me, with just the tip of his tongue on show.

3b. The fresh smell of the chilli blended with a bit of water. Then tingling starts in my nostrils.

3c. I manage to avoid getting any chilli or lime juice in the cut on my finger until the very, very end of the meal.

4. Jupiter is so bright I can see it from where I’m sitting on the sofa. But I still make the effort: through the binoculars alone, we can see three of its moons and through the telescope, we can see the dark bands too. It skips out of the lens at regular intervals but it’s so clear that we find it again, time after time.