Manhattans reunion: photos from way back when

At hideously-early o’clock (8.55) yesterday morning, a knock on the door awoke me from my slumber. Not expecting delivery of anything or anyone, I couldn’t be bothered getting up to answer since it was likely to be a spammer (we get lots of annoying salespeople around here). But, like with the cats I so utterly adore, curiosity got the better of me eventually. By that time though, there was a “we missed you” Royal Mail card on the doormat and the postman was halfway down the street and I had to chase after him barefoot and in my pyjamas. That was fun.

Anyway, the registered letter of horrid-awakening-and-cold-feet turned out to be my Manhattans Reunion tickets: the pieces of card which will whisk Andrew and me ten years back in time. I am still intrigued but nervous about this little event but on the whole looking forward to it.

For anyone that cares (and I know a number of people have come this blog recently through searching “manhattans reunion” or the like, so they might even if no one else does), that photo-booth picture up there is what I looked like when I frequented the ‘hattans all those years ago (mid-1995 to end-of-1997). Looking at it from this angle, I’m the one of the left; my right hand man, of course, being Andrew. Actually, that isn’t really what we looked like at Manhattans: that’s what we looked like at about 3am on a Monday morning at the Hartshead Moor services on the way back from V97 in Leeds after 48+ hours without sleep. We still went to Manhattans that night.

More usually, I looked like this:

Admittedly this picture was taken a bit later than my main Manhattans days – Christmas 1997 I do believe – mostly because I lost my camera (specifically, my dad‘s camera) before the magical summer of 1997 began so I don’t have any photos from the period, just incredibly detailed diaries.

I wore a lot of cropped tops back then and now that I sport a wobblier belly, I’m quite happy that I made the most of my svelte physique when I had the chance.

Also, I LOVED that coat – long, black leather with a black “fur” collar. I wore leather gloves with it in the winter and it made me feel like I was from the KGB, not KGV. Which was awesome.

Aside from Andrew (and especially before I met Andrew in March 1997), I hung out with these guys (and Neary, but I don’t have a photo of him), amongst other people.

In the four years I knew Spyder, I didn’t once get a good photo of him – or one of Wayne not giving the finger.

(These photos were taken at Reading 1998: I had gone in 1997 with Spyder, Wayne & Stacey and when I went the following year with Dave M, I returned to the same spot where we had camped in 1997 – and coincidentally found Spyder & Wayne there again.)

I also hung out with this sexy stud a lot. I met Dave N when I worked on Southport Hospital Radio in early 1996 and I believe this photo was taken later that year, over the summer sometime.


  1. Oh. My. God. How could you put that pic of me online…

    *searches archives for hideous pics…*

  2. Mwahahaha.

    Oh, and Drew my love, I believe this is the picture you’re searching for in those archives:

  3. Spyder Webb

    11/5/2011 at 1:39 pm

    Oh my god that photo of me is horrible

  4. Sorry ;)

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