All the words I’ve spoken* today

(* to another human, conversations with cats are excluded as they’re too verbose and frequently revoltingly soppy)

“Not while I’ve been here.”
“Dayrider please.”
“Just that please.”
“I don’t need a bag.”
“Just this.”
“No, thanks.”
“Do you go down Town Street?”
“Armley Town Street.”
“I’ll put the lemonade in here so that bag isn’t too heavy.” (Said bag split open anyway, shopping went everywhere, shitty Somerfield bags.)

Word count = 46
Thanks count = 7
Thanks/word ratio = 1:6.6

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  1. Glad to see you’re OK and doing well Louisa. Here’s a word you haven’t used so far today – “hello”.

    Found you indirectly via twitter – terrym ‘favourited’ a post from johleach whose bio gives his web site and then on to you and the cats. The twitterverse is indeed a ball of wool!

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