Our weekend in London in numbers

  • 20 – cost, in pounds of our return train fare (each)
  • 15.1 – miles walked (above the surface)
  • 16 – painkillers popped by John (who hurt his back on the way to the train station in Leeds)
  • 7 – cost, in pounds, of a sundae in the Haagen Das restaurant (worth it)
  • 5 – drinks drunk at The Chandos pub
  • 4 – doughnuts eaten (between us)
  • 24 – amount of doughnuts bought by the woman behind us in the queue, stocking up for her six hour journey to Devon (she is our new hero)
  • 2 – meals eaten in Chinatown
  • 5 – amount of times (out of 11) that Big Ben rang while we were standing DIRECTLY underneath it before we actually realised it was ringing
  • 3 – scarves bought: one pink/blue, one turquoise and one green/orange
  • 7 – cost, in pounds, of a small bottle of beer and half-a-coke at the Hippodrome bar while watching La Cirque
  • 10 – inches, the diameter of the tennis racket that Captain Frodo of La Clique squeezed himself through
  • 1 – number of joints he had to dislocate to be able to do that
  • 0 – the amount of laughs the ‘Viva Croydon’ song in La Cirque elicited from us
  • 32.50 – cost, in pounds, of stalls tickets for Spamalot from the tkts booth in Leicester Square
  • 2 – the amount of people who pushed in front of me in the drinks buying queue at the Spamalot interval
  • 2 – museums visited
  • 3.50 – cost, in pounds, of our British Museum guide book
  • 2 – time, in minutes, spent looking at British Museum guide book
  • 10 – tube stations visited
  • 2 – maximum time, in rounded-up minutes, that we had to wait for any tube train (probably more like 90seconds)
  • 6 – number of times I jokingly complained about the waiting times on British public transport when arriving on a platform exactly as a train arrived
  • 3 – amusing overheards*
  • 1 – potential punfolio submissions about ghee

* #1 – “Did you tell her about the death? Oh good.”
#2 – “If we all thought like that, we’d all live in poverty.”
#3 – something in Spanish which we didn’t understand but accompanied by a spanking motion


  1. He-he… what a great and geeky post. British museum is ace. We spent a long time lying on the benches staring at the roof (and giggling, because being up-side-down is ALWAYS funny). Have been to the Chandos a few times many years ago too. Not forgotten our date… just really hectic this week :(
    What you up to on Monday?

  2. Mr Tedesco (Jr)

    10/10/2008 at 12:52 pm

    scarves rule, you can never have enough.

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