1. We expand on a character we half invented the night before: “Wait! Watch! Tom Weightwatchers waits, watching weights.”

2. We call our favourite glazes by their proper names like they’re old friends – Jack’s, Janet de Boos, my favourite earthenware glaze, Anna Lambert, and finally Alan’s Mistake. (Glazes are usually named after the ceramicist that devised the recipe/base recipe, or, in the case of the last one, the person that made them up at the studio.)

2b. For the first time, I mix up my own glaze (perhaps one day it’ll be known as “Louisa’s?) – a mustard yellow. I find the process surprisingly straightforward, and the mix works into a deliciously smooth paste in no time at all.

2c. To be able to tell someone how many people have admired her work recently.

3. I card wool while I’m counting cards. Only lit by an orange street light, I can’t see the subtlety of the colour blend: I’d intended it to be uniform but the variation is so pretty. I couldn’t have got it like that if I’d tried.

3b. A page in a book blows my mind – so many possible patterns from a basic “plain weave”. I skim through the rest of the book – to the much more advanced, complicated patterns – but I know I’ll be more than happy in the basic section for a good while yet.